The Portfolio & Writings of Bill Chambers

Bill Chambers is currently a Product Manager at Databricks. At Databricks, he was lead author of Spark: The Definitive Guide for O'Reilly Press; co-authored with Matei Zaharia. In the past, Bill created as a way to teach others the basics of Apache Spark.

Bill is also creator of Data Analysis in Python with Pandas for Udemy and co-creator of, and first instructor for, Python for Data Science as a part of UC Berkeley's Masters of Data Science Program.

In 2016, Bill graduated with Master’s in Information Management and Systems from the UC Berkeley School of Information. Before pursuing this degree, he focused on data architecture and systems scaling at his last employer. He re-architected the company’s entire internal systems operations. Bill was also responsible for providing operational metrics through statistical analysis using Python (specifically the pandas data analysis library).

Bill Chambers

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