I am an active angel investor focused on developer tools and infrastructure, primarily focused on products or companies leveraging open source.

Angel Investing

I write small checks ($25k+) for innovative companies at seed or earlier stage. I bet on founders with big visions and operational expertise to make it happen.

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I am a co-'founder' of BrickAngels the Databricks Angel Investing Syndicate.


similar to my angel investing approach but I lean in a bit more heavily with these companies.

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Investors / Institutional Investor Subject Matter Expert

I provide one off consulting for a number of institutional investors looking to better understand the big data and data and AI markets.

To learn more about my offering and what areas I specialize in, please check out Building Open - Open Source in the Data & AI Space. This is a catalog of my writing that explores the intersection of open source, AI and the data landscape. As informed by my experience as an operator and investor.

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