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🚧Active🚧 Projects

Take the toil out of technical writing.

An education platform to teach others about how to build AI applications.


I run an informal alumni group for folks that worked at Databricks.


This substack explores the intersection of open source, AI and the data landscape. As informed by my experience and what I'm seeing as a builder.

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Investing & Advising

Completed Or 🧟‍♂️'d Projects

GPU Monger (acquired!)

A site that tracks all cloud GPUs prices and service providers.

The Scrappy Startup

This substack documents my journey building my own 'scrappy startup'. This is bootstrapped 🥾 until I see reason otherwise. On pause to focus on other projects.


This application uses cutting edge AI to give you access to the knowledge buried in podcasts. Give it a try on the website or learn about how Sniplet enables deep search in podcasts.

Real Estate Copywriter

RIP: 2023

TL;DR - Not enough market pain. Too much competition & price pressure. Don't care about real estate copywriting and not desperate enough to start caring.

No dedicated after action review but mentioned in this post.


RIP: 2023

TL;DR - Too much competition and price pressure. Incumbents have a huge distribution advantage. Poor GTM channel (cold phone calls). Could make it work, determined juice ain't worth the squeeze.

Read the after action review.

Spark: The Definitive Guide


600 pages on everything you ever wanted to know about Apache Spark.

RIP: 2018

TL;DR - Website that taught others the basics of Apache Spark. Helped me get a job at Databricks and subsequently write a book on Spark.

Read the post that I wrote when I shut it down.

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