Builder Tactics - 15 for 15

As product builders, we're constantly making sure we're building the right thing.

Customer interviewing is critical, but it's hard to get great information.

The Problem

People are busy and getting that customer interview can be hard. Especially as a founder, you're going to have to beg some people.

The Tactic

How do you solve this?

Provide value. Demonstrate that you've got the background in what the customer might want to talk about, and then help them.

Always help and pay it forward.

Now some of these are going to ... go poorly. But that's okay. Experiments are intended to fail.

The Template

Here's the template I'm using.

If you're interested in chatting about this topic, I've got an offer for you while I'm building out my course on AI foundations for product managers.

Here's how it works....

We setup a 30 minute call.

We cover anything you want to cover (Data + AI related) for 15 minutes, ask questions, share your POV, whatever you want. Think of it as free consulting or advising.

In exchange, you give me 15 minutes of your time to allow me to ask you questions about what's holding you or your team up in Data + AI to ensure I build this course right. Grab a slot on my calendar - <link> I cleared limited slots and they're going fast.