The mind games. Life is just mind games. Whether it's team dynamics. Whether it's just you vs you. It's all mind games.

The path of solo-creator certainly has its mind games. There's the desire to hide, to not put yourself out there. There's the desire to over think. To slow down. To speed up. It's all mind games.

It reminds me of camping alone. You're out in the wilderness. The glowing orb streaming light over a distant hilltop as it calls it a day. The crunch of leaves under your feet. Are they your feet? Are the sounds someone else's feet?.

The silence echoes in your head.

At the end of the day, we're all just competing against ourselves. That's not news to me, but the lesson creeps up when I least expect it.

The commitment to doing good work, regardless of the outcome, that seems to be the way to tame the mind games. To tame the Resistance.