At a previous startup there were times of stress and challenge. Bickering, indecision, lack of perspective. It happens at most startups at one point or another.

A friend wrote something that was titled "6 Months of Runway". Financially, the runway may be there, but from a morale perspective, it may not. THat's the same as the mind game on the trail.

Seth Godin talks about getting attached to outcomes as the weakness. Other sayings state the same "it's the journey, not the destination."

When we're shipping creative work, when we're taking risks, you have to take the mindset that the runway will be there. If you don't, you'll start 'creating scared'. You'll shy away from what you should be doing. From the real work.

The 'hack' is to just focus on production. To just focus on doing the work, 'merely doing the work'. That's where progress lies, in doing it day in and day out. Chop wood, carry water.